REDI Software Features


Every organization, whether municipality, utility, college, school district, or other service, is facing the same primary challenge — to protect employees, people they serve, and their critical infrastructure from the many natural and man-made incidents that are prevalent in today’s society. You, as a leader, must provide for the prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery from those incidents that can strike suddenly or creep up over hours or days. Most of you are faced with; limited budgets, limited personnel to manage the process, and a long learning curve to start from scratch. You need a comprehensive program which will guide institutional and individual actions during the most difficult of situations.

A secondary challenge arises from your need to comply with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) in both your planning and response activities. This compliance can arise from a Public Sector Mandate or a Best Business Practice and this is problematic for many who are not engaged in Emergency Management on a full time basis. Failure to do so however will open the organization to liability issues.

THE ANSWER is an easy to implement, user-friendly, and standards-compliant system that will meet the worst case scenario head on.

REDI3 for Emergencies is the simple web-based software program available remotely 24/7 to meet your needs.


  • Guides actions in first 30-60 minutes of any crisis, the time of most danger and confusion
  • Built on principles learned from dealing with many crisis
  • Is NIMS compliant and uses ICS structure
  • Works with any size entity with central and remote site configuration
  • Complete package with software, background literature, lesson plans, simulation and training
  • “Read-only” access for critical agencies
  • Built-in E-consulting with expert advice on aspects of emergency management
  • Easily administered with professional materials


  • Transitions from scene management to long-term management and recovery
  • Allows easy updates at any time
  • Can be used for “pre-planning” events or pending incidents
  • Provides Guides and Checklists to users
  • Assists in transitioning from the Incident Command Post to the Emergency Operations Center
  • Training elements to insure your staff is ready to make decisions to save lives, lessen injuries and protect vital assets