Critical Incident Management

A Complete Response Guide, Second Edition

This is the Second Edition of our Critical Incident Management book filled with tactical direction designed to prevent, contain, manage, and resolve emergencies efficiently and effectively. Click here for more details.

Comments from Professors that are using it as a text book in their classes:

“I just finished up another session and your book continues to be a homerun. It makes my teaching of the class a piece of cake. BTW, the students LOVE the text.”

“I think a strong point of the text is its clarity and organization. The authors really know how to write as if they are talking directly to the student.”

“In the introduction of most recent edition, the authors note that: ‘the forerunner to this book was geared towards law enforcement responders.’ However, the authors I believe have made a very good effort to try to expand the text in the second edition to cover other EMS professions to include what they call ‘non-traditional’ organizations (campuses, businesses, utilities, school districts, etc.).”

Student comments about the book:

“The textbook was perhaps the most surprising portion of the class in my opinion. Usually textbooks are difficult and boring to read. I felt this textbook was engaging, interesting and extremely relevant. I rented my copy for the duration of the course and this is one instance where I plan on purchasing it, rather than returning it.”

“The book was easy to read and understand. I believe the book should be issued to all supervisors and managers of my department as it simplifiers the response to critical incidents.”

“I enjoyed the book Critical Incident Management because it was written well and it was designed to give the basic knowledge about managing critical incidents. All of the material was definitely clear and concise.”

“Thought the textbooks was ideal and really provided a depth to Critical Incident Management that I truly didn’t know existed, before.”

“The course book was very methodical and easy to follow. It was easy to follow their concepts. The material in the book was presented in a very clear. concise, and logical manner. I had no problem following the material.”

“The material and the book were really good readings in applying it to my line of work.”